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Talent Management apprenticeships

Attracting and developing the best talent for your business

The role of the HR function is constantly evolving with changing business and candidate expectations, the adoption of new technology and pressure to deliver to targets while also providing an excellent customer/ candidate experience.

Our Recruitment apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to develop your recruitment professionals with the skills they need to fill each role with high-quality candidates, effectively and efficiently whether they are working at a recruitment agency, or as an in-house recruiter.

At Paragon Skills we offer intermediate and advanced level apprenticeships in the talent management sector including the following:

Recruitment Resourcer Level 2 apprenticeship

Recruitment Consultant Level 3 apprenticeship

Learning and Development Practitioner Level 3 apprenticeship

Our Learning and Development apprenticeship provides HR individuals with the confidence and skills to support the development of colleagues throughout an organisation, ensuring your business makes the most of all its people.

How we can help your business

It is especially important with our talent management suite of programmes that we embed your culture, vision and values into the programme.

We tailor the programme to your business, and to the individual to ensure that we are all working towards a mutual goal and supporting your overall business growth.

Apprenticeships in this sector

  • Level 3 apprenticeship

    This apprenticeship is ideal for any of your employees working in recruitment or agency roles whether within a dedicated Recruitment agency or part of a team within your organisation operating your in-house recruitment function.

    These employees assist in day-to-day recruitment activities such as identifying and securing job opportunities within client organisations, attracting candidates and successfully place them in those jobs.

    Recruitment Consultant apprenticeship Standard Level 3
    12 months City & Guilds
  • Level 2 apprenticeship

    This apprenticeship is ideal for organisations who have or require an in-house recruitment function, and are looking to upskill an existing employee or bring in new talent. 

    The role of the Recruitment Resourcer is to identify, attract and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process to fulfil the requirements of the business brief and provide resourcing support to the recruitment function.

    Level 2 Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing (Competency) & Level 2 Certificate in Recruitment Resourcing (Knowledge)
    12 months City & Guilds
  • Level 3 apprenticeship

    This apprenticeship is ideal for any of your employees that provide the learning and development function.

    Helping to ensure that staff at all levels of your business have the training needed to support their roles and continuing development.

    Recruitment Consultant apprenticeship Standard Level 3
    15 months City & Guilds


We used the levy to improve retention. In our sector, staff turnover has been historically high, but now our own management numbers in particular are much more stable and there are far fewer HR issues.

Apprenticeships in talent management are just the beginning…

Developing your business through apprenticeships

We work with thousands of employers across England, delivering outstanding apprenticeship programmes every day. Our employer satisfaction rate stands at 93%, with learner satisfaction at 89%, and our success rates are higher than the industry average.

Our teams are dedicated to enabling employers to realise the benefits apprenticeships will bring their business. Each programme is tailored specifically for your business and each of your employees, ensuring you get the greatest return and results from your investment.

So whether it’s increased productivity, boosted morale, staff retention, filling a skills gap or progressing your star employees, we have a solution that can help. Get in touch to find out more.

If you would like to learn more about talent management apprenticeships and to discuss the options available to you, then contact Paragon Skills today on 0800 783 2545.


How do we employ an apprentice?

We can help you find the right apprentice for your business. If you are looking to employ an apprentice you can learn more about the process on our Employing an apprentice page, or you can call us to discuss your requirements on 0800 783 2545.

How much does apprenticeship training cost?

The cost of an apprenticeship varies and is dependent on the level and Standard or Framework. To find out which Standards or Frameworks best meet your business needs, and the cost of these, speak to your training provider.

How long does an apprenticeship last?

In the sectors we work in, an apprenticeship takes 12 to 48 months, however this can vary depending on the hours worked, the industry sector and level of qualification.

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