Pioneer Programme

What is the purpose of the Pioneer Programme?

To help you achieve personal targets and goals with the aim of:

  • Becoming employed or
  • Becoming employed with training (e.g. an apprenticeship) or
  • Going into further education.

What types of things will I be doing?

The programme looks at your individual needs, it is tailored to suit you, but the objectives are:

  • To improve and gain qualifications in english, maths and IT
  • To receive careers advice and guidance to achieve your own personal goals
  • To undertake work experience to improve your employability skills including a qualification in health & safety

So typical activities could include:

  • All aspects of job search to improve employability skills
  • Improving your use of numbers including budgeting
  • Improving your use of words and communication
  • Problem solving
  • Outdoor challenges including sports activities
  • Skills for living on your own
  • Undertaking community projects
  • Work experience and job tasters

How long will it take?

As your training plan is created especially for you, the length of time you will be with us will depend on your need. It could be for 12 or 30 weeks but the average is about 26 weeks.

You attendance will start at 16 hours per week, increasing gradually to 30 hours, depending on your individual progression.

Who can do it?

Anyone aged 16-18 who is living in England and not already undertaking any form of post 16 training who has not yet achieved qualifications at Level 2.

Applicants will undergo an initial assessment and will be accepted on to the programme if it is an appropriate option that will enable them to progress to an apprenticeship, further learning or to a job.

Will I get any qualifications?

It’s not all about qualifications, but you will have opportunities to take some that are appropriate to your personal goals and ambitions. You will work towards:

  • A employability, personal and social development qualification
  • Functional skills qualification at Entry or Level 1
  • Units towards an NVQ if you have made a vocational choice.

Are there any other benefits from being on the Pioneer Programme programme?

You will be provided, free, with any protective or necessary equipment needed for your course.

You will get individual personal support and guidance to assist you in achieving your choice of career. A wide range of innovative activities to improve your confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

What happens when I have finished the programme?

When you are ready you can go on to an apprenticeship or other full time training, or alternatively you can move directly into employment.

If you choose to start work we will be there to support you for the first 8 weeks, so you won’t have to do it alone. Help and support is at hand for the nine months after you have left the course.

Why not contact us for more information:

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